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The Department of Electrical Engineering has been playing a vital role in producing Diploma Engineers of highest calibre ever since it was established in the year 1984, affiliated to Board of Technical Education, Delhi, which was subsequently changed to Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) from 2003 onwards.

The Department keeps up with the ever varying challenges of modern industry and is firm in its commitments to generate erudite and conscientious Electrical Diploma Engineers. This course aims at providing the skilled manpower to the nation. The Diploma Engineers from our Institute have proved their excellence in the field of Engineering & Technology in the Islands. The students are provided hand-on training at power station and sub-stations in addition to regular visits to local industries. Students and faculties are motivated to work on real time projects.

The annual intake of the Department is 60 students. The Department was accredited for ISO 9000:2004 in the year 1999 which was subsequently upgraded to ISO 9000:2008. The programme offered is NBA accredited.

The Department runs Diploma Program to cater to the ever challenging needs of technical excellence in all areas of Electrical Engineering such as Electrical Circuits, Electrical Machine, Power Systems & Power Electronics.

The Department has well equipped laboratories such as Electrical Machines Laboratory, Basic Measurement Laboratory, Programmable Logic Controller Laboratory & Electrical workshop.


Produce globally acceptable electrical technicians.


  • Provide effective classroom teaching using LR’s and through e-learning.
  • Impart hands on skill with safety norms.
  • Focus on development of soft skills.
  • Organize staff development program on regular basis.
  • Solve the problems of social challenges with the application of Electrical Engineering Technology and considering environment aspect into account.
  • Adapt and evolve with respect to the ever changing technologies by involving in lifelong learning.
  • Work in multi-disciplinary groups.
  • Communicate effectively with team members, engage in applying technologies and lead teams in industry.

Mr. Shankar Rao

Lecturer (Selection Grade)


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Mr. Biswa Dev Mallick

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Mr. Subasish Mondal

Lab Attendant


PLC & Drives Laboratory :

For any engineering, computer software skills are mandatory. PLC laboratory is equipped with 30 high end computers with Siemen`s PLC S-7 200 & PLC S-7 300 based simulation Kits with their configured softwares. The laboratory is also equipped with Siemen`s AC & DC Trainer Drives. The laboratory is used for imparting training on Industrial Automation and Process Control.

The computers are also installed with MATLAB SOFTWARE which is specially used for Power Electronics simulation practices.

The laboratory is also utilized as model class room of Electrical Department and imparting fundamental computer training to un-employed youth in the evening hours.

Electrical Machines Laboratory :

Electrical Machines laboratory provides the essential facilities to the students to augment their concepts about the fundamentals of Electrical Machines. The laboratory is equipped with all types of DC and AC Motors, Motor-Generator Sets and transformers with their loading arrangements and necessary switchgears. The students use this laboratory to learn essential connections of Machines with power supply, measuring instruments, starting and control gears. The students also study the different characteristics of the machines. The students gain confidence in practical operation of different Electrical Machines.

Basic Electrical Measurement & Relay Laboratory :

This laboratory is divided for two subjects.

  • Basic Electrical Measurement Laboratory :

    The Basic Electrical and Measurement laboratory is a core laboratory of Electrical Engineering Department. In this laboratory student learn to connect all type of meters like Voltmeter, Ammeter, Wattmeter, Power Factor Meter, Energy Meter etc. to different electrical circuits for measurement of Electrical Parameters. The students also learn the basic principle of Electrical Engineering by verification of different theorems and Laws of Electrical Engineering.

  • Relay Laboratory :

    The Relay laboratory is equipped with all basic relays like Over current, Earth Fault, Reverse Power differential relays; C.T.`s and test equipments like primary and secondary injection kits. This laboratory helps in training the students in testing and calibration of basic relays.

Electrical Workshop :

For Diploma students in Electrical Engineering, it is essential to have some basic workshop skills. In the world of work, Diploma technicians are required to supervise and do maintenance of Electrical equipments.

In Electrical Workshop of the department the students are trained in repair in maintenance of Electrical Appliances like Refrigerator, Washing Machines, Ovens, Electric Iron, Geysers etc. The students also learn and develop the basic skill of fan motor winding and domestic wiring. The workshop is equipped with necessary appliances, tools and Instruments. This will enable students to become an entrepreneur & can get job as Sales & Service Engineer.

The Electrical Engineering Department undertakes consultancy work in the following areas :

  • Providing consultancy in design, installation and maintenance of Local Area Networking to Government Departments of A & N Administration.
  • Providing consultancy in design, installation and maintenance of Traffic Light System for Police Department of A & N Administration.

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